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An analysis of Christine Lagarde’s chic French personal style

CHRISTINE LAGARDE, recently named managing director of the International Monetary Fund, is a wonderful example of French chic. She was one of the chic and slim French women of certain age whose personal style I wrote about in Chic & Slim Toujours: Aging Beautifully Like Those Chic French Women.

Recently SUSAN in Cincinnati viewed Christine Lagarde on the Charlie Rose show. Afterward, she wrote and emailed to me a wonderful analysis of Christine Lagarde’s chic French personal style. I think you will find that analysis as much of interest as I did. Susan has kindly agreed that I may share her Christine Lagarde comments with you.

Dear Anne: Just finished watching Charlie Rose interview some of the world bank experts who are in Washington DC for the IMF conference. Thought of Chic & Slim (and you) when watching Christine Lagarde, who was sitting next to Charlie Rose throughout the discussion. She epitomizes everything that is the French woman.  

Even though she had been through a stressful day of negotiations, she was still beautifully groomed and elegant.  She wore a simple black dress, well cut black blazer and a long black and white print scarf that was untied, which fell into her lap and covered her knees (a very clever way to wear a shorter skirt but still be modest in front of the cameras).

Christine Lagarde's hair was in a simple attractive cut and she wore only a pair of striking black/gold dangling earrings, two rings and an expensive looking black watch. It appeared that she was wearing a little eye shadow, eye liner and a sheer lipstick. I saw pictures of her on the news earlier in the day. She had the same outfit on but had wrapped the long scarf several times around her neck, tying it in the front for a very professional look at the conference table.

At the end of the program all of the panel were asked to share what gave them optimism that the global economy would eventually improve. Christine Lagarde was the last one to respond. After talking a little about why things are starting to get better including today's developments at the conference, she said when asked about optimism, she always thinks of an exchange between Voltaire and Rousseau. Apparently they didn't like each other. Rousseau said that "life was tough" and Voltaire responded "compared to what?".

Who else but an educated French woman, would end the discussion with a reference to philosophers? I loved it!

While I watched her, I kept thinking that even though in her late 50's/early 60's, here was an attractive, intelligent, engaging woman holding the attention of this group of men. While not a naturally pretty woman, she manages to make the best of her features and create an attractive look. 

The only other woman on the panel was an American woman, much younger and well spoken, but very overweight and matronly. Madame Lagarde inspires, and reminds me that I don't have to become frumpy and invisible in my middle age.

Hope all is well with you — I continue to re-read your books and visit your website. Thanks for all your time and effort reminding us that there is a better way to live — the Chic & Slim way! —Susan in Cincinnati

No, we certainly DO NOT have to be frumpy and invisible in certain age — or at any age. Studying chic French women such as Christine Lagarde gives us ideas for our own chic eye-catching personal style.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone


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