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|| 20 March 2020

Best Coronavirus Resource

image: banner of the John Hopkins Coronavirus Rescource Center, excellent source of crisis information.

banner identifying the JHU coronavirus resource center


Our best protection currently is social distancing. Equally important for protecting ourseves is staying informed about the virus and its spread.

The best reliable source is the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center. A beautifully designed website with a wealth of information vetted by the university’s public health experts.

I have grown totally disgusted with the NY Times free Coronavirus information to which I gave you a link previously. Every two paragraphs is a huge, disgusting advertisement for something that I would never buy. I am so sick of seeing earwax draining out of an ear. And those rats! Oh, dear! Spare me those rats!

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center is blessedly free of advertisements. (Thank you, Michael Bloomberg, for so generously endowing the School of Public Health.)

The Resource Center does have links in its News and Information section (begins about halfway down the page) to vetted articles on other websites. Many of those linked articles have advertisements. Alas.

I have put a link to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center at the top of the Nouvelles intro page. The link will remain there as long as information is necessary for our health and safety during this virus crisis.

If you would like to see what information is currently offered, you can access the Coronavirus Resource Center.

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