Face shield attached to half eyeglasses frames

image: Face shield attached to half eyeglasses frames. Style which Anne purchased.

|| 15 June 2020

Anne Bought A Face Shield

After I saw that photo of the chic woman in the Paris cafe with the sunhat and face shield, I decided a face shield would be better protection from Covid-19, more comfortable to wear, and chicer than a mask. So with a little guidance from one of our Chic & Slim sisterhood, I ordered a face shield. I have a sunhat.

You can find face shields offered by many online vendors. I ordered my face shield from Art To Frames, a long-established Brooklyn framing shop. Art To Frames was obviously offering several styles of face shields for sale on their website as advertising. Since placing my order, I have received several advertising emails from Art To Frames. That’s okay. The price was reasonable for the quality. The face shield was shipped promptly and arrived well packed in a strong box. The shield came in a protective sleeve and had additional protective film on both sides of the shield to keep it from being scratched during shipping. The half eyeglasses frames were in their own protective plastic.

Peeling off the protective films was easy when I tried a second time. (Often when I am tired I am blind to how to do the simplest things.) It was also easy to insert the little plastic plugs that attached the frames to the shield.

I also liked that these face shields are made in the USA.

From everything I can learn, we will need to be wearing face protection against Covid-19 for a while. So we want to find ways to be protected, but at the same time appear as chic as possible.

be chic, stay slim, stay safe — Anne Barone