package of napkins for Le Bistrot du Coin, cup of coffee and croissant

image: package of napkins for Le Bistrot du Coin, gift to Anne, with her cup of coffee and a croissant

|| 22 March 2020

France in Coronavirus: Closed Cafés. No Kisses. Stay-in Orders

Impossible to believe. In France, all the restaurants and cafés closed. In the photo above you see a fun gift I received this past holiday season: napkins for Le Bistrot du Coin (not sure in which French city it is located). As indicated in the top line, Depuis 1906, Since 1906, serving up café and croissants. But not today.

As in France, beginning last Friday evening 5:00 PM here in Texas, restaurants and cafes are also closed. In the case of Texas, for two weeks, trying to stem the rapidly increasing rate of infection of coronavirus in the state.

So, as in France, we must sip our coffee and munch our croissants chez nous. But my Le Bistrot du Coin napkins remind me of other times and all the lovely little French cafés and their delicious croissants.

The previous Nouvelles on virus crisis response in France reported on how the French were largely ignoring the calls for social distancing. Since then, the French government facing growing infection and death rates, has toughed restrictions.

Merci to Ann Leslie in New York for these links to two articles from Forbes on the current situation in France and how the new restrictive orders have interrupted the long-established French way of life.

The first article Postcard From Paris: How It Feels To Be In France During Coronavirus puts me in mind of Collete’s book Paris de ma fenêtre, Paris From My Window, her book written during the Nazi occupation of France. But in the occupation the cafés were open and people were out and about.

Postcard From Paris: How It Feels To Be In France During Coronavirus

The second article includes a history of the French greeting kiss.

Why There Is To Be No French Kissing As Coronavirus Hits France