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|| 12 March 2020

Provence-sur-la-Prairie Is Prepared

As someone who grew up and now again lives in an area of frequent tornadoes — and who lived a decade on the hurricane-prone Texas Gulf Coast, being prepared is just a state of life.

So when COVID-19, the coronavirus, began spreading, I took note of the available information and decided on a course of action. Happily I found that I was already more than half-way prepared. That was a good thing because at 75, I am in the high risk group defined as anyone over 60 years. Though I do not suffer some of the serious health conditions that would make me among the most vulnerable.

My lifestyle as a rather reclusive writer with an office in a home on a half-acre property made it easy to organize my life for the best protection against the virus: social distancing. Staying away from other people who might be contagious. So I thought it a good idea to make a list of food and necessities not already on hand that I would need for an extended period. And then go out and buy those foods and necessities before I began my social distancing.

Of course on the first shopping outing, I forgot several crucial items including laundry and dish detergent, both running low.

By the second shopping trip, the reported cases of coronavirus had moved closer. Now they were no longer just on the far side of the state in Houston. Now they were also in the Dallas area. And I wasn’t happy that during the 45 minutes I was out shopping, I observed three individuals sneezing without covering their nose and mouth — though none was in the danger range of closer than six feet. I know it is the spring hay fever season, but still the uncovered sneezes are disquieting. Especially since the medical experts have found that the coronavirus can live on surfaces from several hours to several days. And that many people who do not show overt symptoms are nonetheless contagious.

Actually now that I am stocked with provisions I am looking forward to a period where I can work without having to interrupt the work and go out and procure food and such.

Accurate Trustworthy Information Is Powerful Protection

Of course I am also making an effort to stay current on the state of the virus. And I hope that all of you are staying up-to-date on the latest virus news and advisories. This morning The New York Times announced that they are making their extensive coverage and information on the COVID-19 pandemic free to all readers. The link below will take you to the newspaper's main page. Scroll down to the link that says: Free Access to Coronavirus Coverage. (Or something like that. It keeps changing.) Via the main page seems to work better than a direct link.

New York Times

Being well-stocked for social distancing gives me some sense of security, but I would feel more secure if the number of cases worldwide, nationally — and especially in Texas were not increasing — and if my next-door-neighbor had not yesterday returned from visits to both Houston and Dallas where there are a growing number of reported cases.

be safe, soyez prudents — Anne Barone