Anne Barone and Chic & Slim

Anne Barone is an independent writer and designer specializing in helping women everywhere dress chic and stay slim.

photo montage Anne Barone and Chic & Slim books

After a quarter century struggling with excess weight, in her mid-20s, using techniques she learned from chic French women, Anne lost 55 pounds.

Now 77, with her Système Barone, her translation of French techniques to life outside France, she has stayed slim for more than 50 years.

In her Chic & Slim books, and on this companion website to the books, Anne shares those French techniques that can help you lose weight and stay slim anywhere.

Anne Barone lives in Texas where she is attempting to create a bit of French Provence, her Provence-sur-la-Prairie, on the North Texas plains. “Far enough in the country to grow eggplant, apricots and lavender. But close enough to Dallas to make the sales at Neiman Marcus.”


Readers Comment On Chic & Slim

|| I periodically re-read your books, I have all of them and feel that you started this French chic movement. I enjoy the Madame chic books and enjoy Jennifer's blog — but it all started with you. Warm regards, Adele

|| Thank you again for all your efforts with the Chic & Slim books and website, and for your special personal touches such as email replies. It is very much appreciated." Debra, faithful reader (for over ten years) in San Antonio

|| I returned from my trip from France last month and I cannot thank you enough! It was an incredible experience. Your advices was so wonderful. My friends thought I had been to France many times before since I knew so much--saying hello to the shopkeeper right when we walked in, keeping voice soft/low, staying back a bit, etc...Everything you wrote of in your books I experienced first hand and you did not disappoint. Thanks once again for your advice, books and website. They are delightful! Until my next adventure, Synthia

<< Please keep writing and posting. Texas needs you! I've recently let weight creep up on me, and I'm in the process of rereading The Original Chic and Slim on my Kindle Fire for needed inspiration. >> Merci, Rocki

|| As usual, at the beginning of the year I re-read all of your books from beginning to end. A fresh start for me (once again!) going into my 74th year. I don't just enjoy your books - I depend on them.....Wishing you all the best for the coming year — chin up and move bravely forward." Helen in Toronto

<< After tearing through Chic & Slim Toujours I immediately purchased the Original Chic & Slim and Encore. I just adore how practical the advice you give is.Thank you for inspiring us! >> Sincerely, Nicole in Chicago

|| Ever since 2002, you have been my role model here in Greece and through all your books and way of living be sure that you have managed to set a remarkable example for young and certain age women.—I feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to "meet" you so early in my life (25 years old) and keep growing up greatly inspired by you. — Alexandra in Athens

<< Thank you for keeping up your website! I check it frequently and love your inspiring posts. So often I find we are thinking the same thoughts and reading the same things, only you are usually a step or two ahead of me. Our 15 year old cat even passed away the same week you wrote about losing your cat. Like so many of your fans, I have all of your books and read them again and again for reminders and renewed motivation. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and ideas. >> Best Wishes, Terri

|| I am thankful for health, good friends and freedom that we still enjoy. I am also thankful for people like you who give a lot of their time helping us who want help and direction in finding paths that work for us on a daily basis." — Vicki in Friday Harbor

<< Lastly and probably the most important lesson I have learned from putting your techniques to use is that when life hands you horrible circumstances and nothing can change these circumstances, a cup of tea with some good cheese or chocolate along with solitude can ease the heart and mind.

I know we all have unexpected heartbreaks in life. I have had this as well with family members passing away and I have been amazed that by my reaction to these hardships, I have been able to help others and encourage them. Even while inwardly I have been crushed, outwardly my hair has been done, my clothes have been simple but classic, when I hug others, I smell lovely, and my home is ready to help with tea and good conversation. Instead of falling apart one hundred percent, I fall quietly alone with my tea and quiet time and have been able to comfort others.

I still have much to learn though and am definitely a work in progress. Whenever I do feel at a loss or that perhaps I have veered too far off the beam, I reread one of your books and am again, encouraged. I look at my home surroundings and see all the changes I have made to make life as good as I can be.

Thank you so very much, Anne. Your words have greatly changed my life and the life of my family too. Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences so the rest of us can go to France if only in our minds and dreams! >> God Bless, Kimberly