Readers Write To Anne Barone About Chic & Slim



(left) card with bird on typewriter and word bonjour (center) postcard from Paris (right) antique French letter box

22 December 2017

It All Started With Chic & Slim

Bonjour Anne, I periodically re-read your books, I have all of them and feel that you started this French chic movement. I enjoy the Madame chic books and enjoy Jennifer's blog — but it all started with you. Warm regards, Adele

28 October 2017

A Reader Of Your Books And Blog for Years !

Dear Anne, I am a reader of your books and blog, for years! Thanks for all you write. How all of us have changed to such an obese / sick world is really sad. I do believe the French way of lifestyle will work for most. (No constant snacking in particular.) Thanks for spreading the word. I believe your books were the first I ever read. In photo I have attached I have 3 signed books I ordered from you long time ago, plus others I have collected. Sincerely, Bettye

30 May 2017

Simplicity Of French Living Liberating

Dear Anne, I follow your blog regularly, and have read several of your books. I find the simplicity of French living to be liberating! Thanks for any suggestions and advice.

Peace and all good, Violet

30 April 2017

Many Thanks For Your Advice, Brilliant Ideas, And Support

Good morning, Anne. I was just organizing my "library" this morning and noticed that I haven't added a new release from you for a while. Can you tell me if you have something fabulous in production? Many thanks for your advice, brilliant ideas, and support over the years! — Patricia

6 March 2017

Really Liked Your Blog About Enjoying Improvement

Hi Anne, Just a quick note to say I really liked your blog about enjoying improvement. I love what you’ve done to your living room. I can see all the wonderful French elements like the teapot for your 5.00pm tea time. What teas are you drinking these days?

Love the little three-legged table under the window, the oriental carpet, the pink fringed blanket on the chair, etc. It is all so cosy or ‘hygge’ as the Danes would say.

You are so right about never finishing the renovations! We renovated our home in Sydney 10 years ago, but there’s always something to add or fix up. It’s never ending, but it can be fun.

Anyways, hope the weather is getting more spring like for you. We are now heading into autumn and lots of rain. Always a bit sad after our glorious summers!

Cheers, Kim from Down Under

14 February 2017

Inspiration From Your Advice

Bonjour Anne, So glad to hear you are on the mend :)

Several years ago, when I became very interested in the lifestyle of the French, your books were very helpful in clarifying their "methods" and keeping me on the 'right' path. I felt like I had found a mentor to navigate the aging issues. Although I still fluctuate, I do still take inspiration from your advice, so I am delighted to hear some of the articles were useful. Merci beaucoup,

Joyeux Saint-Valentin, Jane

4 February 2017

Love The Website

Hi Anne, I love your website (just found it tonight) and I read all of the excerpts of your books on Amazon, I can't wait to read them!

As far as the weight gain issue you were discussing and how you need to change things up if you started to gain weight back. The only way to normalize our appetites and thus our weight is to cook everything at home, organic if possible.

Once I started cooking everything from scratch, my weight normalized and I lost ALL cravings. I eat croissants, dessert everyday at 3pm with tea or black coffee, butter, olive oil and full fat yogurt and cheese. Unfortunately we can't trust the food industry any's out to make food taste good no matter how poorly it fuels our bodies.

Most of our health problems today can be cured or highly diminished with a more natural way of eating. — Lisa (Indiana)

6 January 2017

When You Include Photos, I Especially Appreciate Those!

Thank you, Anne! I'm glad you are finishing up in the dining room — I definitely understand how when a job takes longer than planned it can get frustrating.

I agree about workmen. When we do it ourselves we have control of the quality, time, expense, and it's so nice not having strangers in the house. It's all worth it to us, even if it takes several months to do a project. With all the YouTube videos and information on the internet, it can make tackling almost any project possible.

I love yesterday's post about chic sighting of a certain age. I think we are an under-represented group (those of us of a certain age) and I really appreciate that you are filling the gap.

Now that you said it's okay to just send an sentence or whatever I can and not worry about grammar, etc., I will send more comments. :)

I'm a visual person, so when you include photos, I especially appreciate those! Seeing your lentil soup photo inspired me to make the same to bring for my work lunch this week.

Take care and have a good weekend! Mary