4 figures demonstration darker pant colors better for longer leaner looking legs

Longer Leaner Looking Legs 1: Darker pant color vs. lighter

RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING, LET'S HAVE A REALITY CHECK: there is NO technique that is going to make my legs look as long and lean as those of Inès de la Fressange. But judging the photos in the image above, I think you will agree that darker pant colors do make my legs look slimmer than the lighter colors.

For the sake of comparison all four examples are shown with flat-heeled footwear. All the jackets, as well as the one top, are a different color than the pants. (We will compare monochrome outfits vs. those of two colors in the next technique.) And to my eyes, the full cut of the blue jacket worn with the light blue jeans does a better job making the legs look slim than the form-fitting green top worn with the tan jeans.

Next we test the theory that monochrome outfits, at least shades of the same color, make the legs look longer and leaner than outfits where pants and jacket or top are different colors.

Longer Leaner Looking Legs 2: Monochrome Outfits vs. 2 Color

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