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|| 1 May 2022

A French Collection

In a previous Nouvelles, I told you about a wonderful website for French-flavored information useful for Chic & Slim. In response I had a lovely email from Annette Charlton, creator of A French Collection, and learned that she was a fan of the Chic & Slim books. Fantastique !

Then this past Thursday evening, I received an email from Rocki in Austin who reported:

I recently signed up for emails from a website A French Collection by Annette Charlton.

She has several small articles in each email. At the end of each article, she lists books to read. She lists your books after every article!!

I was so excited to see that !!

And I, too am excited to learn that. Merci, Annette Charlton.

She also has on her site a review of one of the Chic & Slim books. You can read her review of the Chic & Slim Toujours 2 at the link below.

A French Collection Review of Toujours 2

You can also find several of the Chic & Slim books on Annette Charlton’s list of books for Francophiles. It is a very comprehensive list and you might want to check it to see if there are books on the list you might have missed but would be interesting in reading.

Annette Charlton’s list of books for Francophiles

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone