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|| 12 June 2022

Pain Relief For A Sprained Back: Arnicare Gel

As I previously mentioned in a Nouvelles, several weeks ago, I pulled muscles in my back. As a result I went through a couple of weeks of intense pain.

But I am happy to report that I have made major progress toward recovery. In the process of dealing with the injury and the resulting pain, I have learned some useful things about how to treat this type of injury.

The most useful advice I found was in an article HOW TO TREAT A PULLED BACK MUSCLE IN 8 STEPS on the blog of the Game Ready website.

The pain relief product that was most effective was a homeopathic gel made by the French company Boiron and recommended by a neighbor.

For years I have used Boiron’s Calendula Gel for fire ant and mosquito bites — and Boiron’s Calendula Ointment for cuts and scrapes. But I knew nothing of their pain relief products based on arnica — until my neighbor mentioned them.

Arnica, a sort of cousin to the sunflower, is an herb that is often used in homeopathic medicine to treat pain and bruises.

After I read the information on the various versions of arnica medicines available: Gel, Ointment, Cream and Bruise Cream. I decided on the Gel. From the first application I got fast and deep relief.

You can read more about Arnicare Gel and the other Arnicare products on the Boiron website. From now on I will keep a tube of this pain relief product in my medicine chest. Boiron says the gel works best when you begin using it soon after injury. But even though I began applying it more than a week after I strained my back, it was very effective.


About Arnicare Gel on the Boiron website.

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