exercise weights and 2 exercise DVDs

image: Anne's exercise weights and her two favorite exercise DVDs

|| 25 January 2021

Back On The Exercise Track

There is exercise. And there is exercise. Not all exercise produces the same results.

As fall passed into winter, I was still walking regularly. One advantage of my large property is that I have a walking track laid out in the back section behind a privacy fence that blocks this chilly winter north Texas wind. On a sunny day, walking laps can be pleasant even when taking a walk around the neighbor would be uncomfortable. If outside is too cold or wet, I have a treadmill.

But I am as adept at inventing reasons for not doing something as anyone. Though I was walking regularly, I had stopped working out with my various exercise DVDs that have been so beneficial to my body through these “certain age” years. And it showed.

Now I am back on my exercise track. And it feels good. I look better.

The mirrors help. It is harder to look chic when you are slumping. Good posture is essential for chic. For various biological reasons, for many women good posture is harder to maintain as the years accumulate. Having several strategically placed mirrors around your home can keep you constantly aware of how you are standing and sitting. You may feel as if your posture is fine — even when you are beginning to resemble a pretzel. Check in a mirror. Frequently.

A well-designed posture workout can stretch and strengthen the right muscles and make good posture much easier. I like the posture exercises by Miranda Esmonde-White. Pilates can strengthen those central muscles that help keep you straight.

To get back into working out with my exercise DVDs I experimented a little and found that mid-morning exercise currently worked best for me. Time varies a little. But I have a cardinal rule: No lunch until after I have worked out with my exercise DVD. And I do not like to delay lunch.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone