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10 January 2021

Limiting Sugar for Bladder Health

Had my sister-in-law survived her recent severe bladder infection, I am sure she would join me in encouraging you to moderate or eliminate sugar from your diet. And to take other measures to promote bladder and urinary tract health.

On Christmas morning my sister-in-law was taken by ambulance to the hospital because of a severe bladder infection. Continuing heart problems made it harder for her body to fight the infection.

Intravenous antibiotic treatment failed to quell the infection. The infection worsened and spread from her bladder to her kidneys. In a few days, her kidneys failed. By this time my sister-in-law’s body was too weakened for dialysis to be a possibility. Friday evening my sister-in-law passed away.

Prevention is always easier than treatment. After a health problem has established itself, other factors can interfere with the effectiveness of medications. One of the best preventions for bladder infections (and to help prevent a number of other health problems) is to limit or eliminate sugar in your diet. Those bacteria that infect the bladder love sugar.

It was not coincidence, I believe, that my sister-in-law’s severe bladder infection occurred in the holiday season when many highly-sugared cookies, cakes, and candies are prepared and served with holiday celebrations — and given as gifts.

In you need motivation to restrict or eliminate sugar from your diet, bladder health is an excellent reason.

be chic, stay slim, stay healthy — Anne Barone