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|| 1 July 2018

Blue & White Encore

It always pleases me when I receive feedback on a Nouvelles. Such feedback gives me information on what interests you and what sorts of topics are useful to you.

When, several weeks ago, I posted the article about the special French issue of Victoria magazine that featured a cover and story on blue and white items for decor, I received a photo from our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat with a photo of pieces from her own blue and white collection. These in her home in Normandy.

Shortly afterwards, Ann-Marie in Kansas City emailed:

Bonjour, Anne. I was checking your blog and saw your mention of the May/June issue of Victoria magazine. I knew right away that I wanted it, both for the French theme and the blue & white cover. Like you, I love blue & white plates, pitchers and other item, as well as blue/white clothes for summer--what could look cooler? So I went to the publisher site and immediately ordered that issue. Can't wait to sit down & go through it.

I hope by now the issue has arrived and Ann-Marie has had time to sip a cup of tea and enjoy the articles in the magazine’s special French issue.

Since I wrote about the Victoria issue, I have discovered, thanks to Susan in Hamilton, another blue and white article. This one in the British publication HOMES & Antiques, the May 2018 issue. The cover blurb announces: Brilliant Blue & White: Classic ceramics reimagined for 2018. This is a 10-page article in the 8.5 x 11 inch (22 x 28 cm) magazine format. Many of the items pictured are available for purchase in stores today (at least in the UK) at economical prices. (Everyday items that are blue & white.) I was interested to see that HOMES & Antiques had included items, as I have in my collection, in turquoise blue as well as the traditional royal and sky blues.

I agree with Ann-Marie that blue and white is a cool color combination for summer chic. I noted my neighbor, a very trendy dresser, on Friday wearing a top that featured horizontal pale blue and white stripes and loose-fitting pants in vertical (same shade as top) pale blue and white stripes. Very crisp and cool. Just right for a day that reached 103 F. in the afternoon.

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