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|| 23 April 2023

Brigitte Macron 70

A little over a week ago, Brigitte Macron, the French first lady, turned 70. The French media covered the event well. But in English-language publications, I found only two articles I think worthy of calling to your attention.

The first appeared on Yahoo News on the day before her 13 April birthday. The article Brigitte Macron turns 70, hoping to avoid the headlines reports that when asked about her anti-ageing secrets, Brigitte Macron outlined her daily routine: "I do half an hour of sport a day — on my own, without a coach — I eat a balanced diet and I spend time writing and reading.”

Well, we all realize there is surely a bit more to Brigitte Macron’s efforts than just 30 minutes exercise, healthy food and writing and reading. In any case, you can read the Yahoo article at the link below.

Brigitte Macron turns 70, hoping to avoid the headlines

The second article appeared in The Telegraph, a UK newspaper. The article written by the newspaper’s Head of Fashion Lisa Armstrong analyzes the seven elements of Brigitte Macron’s personal style: The Vuitton, the Hair, The Tan, The Heels, The Legs, The Dresses, and The Power Suits. All seven have been notable since Mme Macron came to our attention more than five years ago.

Lisa Armstrong also comments on the Brigitte Dichotomy. She writes:

On the one hand she’s an ambassador for French fashion, the embodiment of someone who is both clever and stylish, and a poster girl for older women doing what the hell they want.

On the other, she’s just a bit … de trop.

True, Brigitte Macron’s personal style is a bit de trop — too much — for serving as a chic role model for many 70 year-old-women — not to mention that her personal style is difficult and expensive to maintain. The article relates that, according to the French Court of Audit, the Macrons spend €62,000 (£55,000) annually on makeup and hair styling. That is $68,000 in US dollars. And then there is all that Vuitton and their hefty price tags.

The Telegraph requires a subscription to read the article. But they do offer a free one month trial subscription if you are wanting to read the article and do not have a subscription.

But a caveat: there is little in the article that you who follow this website likely do not already know about Brigitte Macron’s personal style. Other than the amount spent on makeup and hair, the only other new pieces of information for me were a photo of the yellow Vuitton jacket Brigitte Macron wore on the Macron’s recent visit to The Netherlands and a photo of the French first lady in a sleeveless evening dress where her problematic for certain age women upper arms are covered with black armbands. They do the job, but nonetheless those armbands look a lot like blood pressure cuffs.

If you do wish to read How Brigitte Macron never fails to deliver a fashion moment: As the French president’s wife turns 70, what’s the secret of her divisive style? you can do so at the link below.

The Telegraph Brigitte Macron article

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