collection of cat books arranged in a cat bed

|| 27 January 2019

Cat Books

Cats photograph so beautifully. And when the backdrop is France, all the more beautiful.

In my collection of cat books, all gifts from friends, I have two editions of The French Cat by Rachel Hale McKenna. The smaller version is just perfect for my bedside table. The larger for the table next to my reading chair. The larger (9x12 inch) version contains different and additional material from the smaller (7x6.5 inch) version. Both are a delight to peruse.

Rachel Hale is also the author of Cat-itudes to Live By: Inspirational Thoughts.

How It Works: The Cat is by J.A. Haxeley and J.P Morris. An irreverent book that might be disturbing to some pet lovers.

Cat Lady Chic by Diane Lovejoy. Chic women of the 20th century photographed with their cats — as well as photos of paintings of beautiful women and their cats.

Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an Angst-Filled Cat. Henri is not actually a "chat noir" (he is black and white tuxedo cat). Nor is Henri a very French cat despite his name. And neither is the book's author French. (It was written by an American William Braden). A video based on the book won; a prize at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

Parisian Cats. Text by Olivia Snaije and photographs by Nadia Benchallal. Beautiful cats photographed in beautiful Paris. Each of the featured cats has its own specially designed calling card.

I have a couple of other cat books, but I couldn't find them this afternoon when I took the photo. Those books are just like cats. When you think they are one place, often they aren't.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

image: Anne's collection of cat books.