|| 26 September 2021

Chic and Slim French Certain Age Elegance

Our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat is back in France and sending interesting information and photos. This morning she sent this wonderful example of French certain age elegance. The woman is certainly chic and slim.

French woman of certain age  wearing crisp white shirt, black trousers with wide white belt and beige cardigan.

image:elegant French woman of certain age spotted at antiques fair

Along with the photo, Kat sent the comment: "French elegance exists even in the provinces. Spotted this one in Sunday’s fete d'antiquités in the small town of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives."

I am sorry that privacy regulations necessitated that I blur the French woman’s face. Had I not, you could have better studied her maquillage. She has lovely wide eyes that she effectively accents, but she refrains from darkening her light eyebrows. This works very well and is a good example of how elegance often involves refraining from doing more.

Note the crispness of her white shirt worn with black trousers and the wide white belt with her crossbody white handbag. Our correspondent has managed also to cleverly show us the back of the woman’s hair and the back of her shirt collar and sweater in their reflection in the antique mirror center right. You can wear a wide white belt with dark pants if you are as slim as this woman is, but that might not be flattering if you have a pronounced tummy.

Merci to our special correspondent Kat for this great photo of French certain age elegance.