chic French shop owner washing shop windows

Image: chic French woman washing shop windows

|| 8 May 2022

Chic French Window Washing

When during her recent trip to France an email arrived from our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat with the subject line What you wear to clean your windows, I was not sure what to expect. Above you can see the photo attached to Kat’s email. She included the message:

I spotted this one yesterday, giving her accessories shop windows a good wipe down.

Red leather jacket over short print frock, black tights and short black lace up boots. Hair tinted red, up in a classic French pleat. She’s probably in her mid 40’s, but try telling her this quirky style only suits the young! She’s fit, she’s slim, she looks great, and she knows it.

As I told Kat in my response, I have always been amazed at how chic French women would wear their chic outfits when doing the messiest of chores — and never get a spot on their clothes.

Whatever their personal style, chic French women always manage to remain neat.

Merci, Kat, for your comments and the photo.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone