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|| 11 March 2018

Donna: Crème de la Mer

A month ago I posted a link to an article about Crème de la Mer, the very expensive skin cream. In response I received two interesting comments from readers who had tried the product. The first was from Chic & Slim reader Donna who had, by chance, received a sample of La Mer a few days before I posted the Nouvelles about it. The second was from our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat, who has more experience with La Mer.

Today Donna's comments. In the next Thursday Nouvelles, I will share Kat's comments — about La Mer and some other creams with which she compares it.

The best news in Donna's email is in the last paragraph. Nothing pleases me more than when Chic & Slim helps a reader to better health and appearance.

Donna wrote:

The article you posted regarding Cream de la Mer was timely for me.  I had just received a free sample of it when I ordered some lipstick from Nordstrom.  I tried the cream a few days before your article appeared.

I was impressed with the cream.  It has an unusual feel - like a gel but softer and creamier.  I loved the fresh scent as well.  It was like nothing I've tried before.  I wanted to slather it on my neck too but there wasn't enough in the sample  Afterward, my skin looked refreshed and healthy.  I have no idea what the long-term benefits would be as I am not going to buy it at the price that it is selling for.

I am a style and beauty writer and have tried many products through the years.  I think the price of Creme de la Mer is what has caused so many cosmetic houses to increase the price of their anti-aging creams to such extremes.  It really irritates me that even the drugstore brands are much more expensive these days.  

It also irritates me a little that Estee Lauder, that great behemoth cosmetic company owns it too.  They own so many of the companies.  But they have also made some of the greatest advances in skincare which they were able to do with the revenue they earn by their takeovers.

I have yet to find a line to be faithful to - I go by price and packaging and then hope I like the texture and scent of the product and lastly, I care about results.  I really don't believe there is a fountain of youth in a jar but if Creme de la Mer were not so expensive, I believe I would use that for the other features I liked.

Just my two cents-worth.  Looking forward to the [new] book.  I went back to your first book in the spring and lost 30 pounds after my weight crept up again.  I had borderline diabetes which is now completely gone.  I am delighted to be able to still eat bread and I love tea as you do. — Donna

Merci for your comments. And for the 30 pounds weight loss, that's fantastique !

Image : Jar of Crème de la Mer

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