|| 17 April 2022

Easter in France

Easter in France. Our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat who is there reports on the holiday.

Easter Sunday pastries and cakes along with special chocolate Easter eggs — and chocolate Easter bunnies, mice, squirrels, pigs, chickens — even a chocolate Easter frog ! — are special treats for the French on Easter.

chocolate Easter animals in French pastry shop

On Good Friday Kat sent the photo below from Trouville with the comment:

Dupont, the most stylish pâtisserie in Trouville, is gearing up for Easter. Above the amazing pastries and cakes (all fait maison) sits a row of Easter eggs in various sizes. Notice that they are all dark chocolate, probably minimum 75% cocoa. Which means a much lower sugar content than you would find in milk or white chocolate eggs.

Milk or white chocolate eggs are not much in evidence in pâtisseries like this. In France they are mostly found in supermarkets, where they have been sitting on the shelves for weeks!

Will I be buying a dark chocolate egg? I’m not keen on chocolate (though I make an exception for a chocolate chaud at Dupont on a cold winter morning) but I will definitely indulge in one of those pastries on Easter Sunday!


chocolate Easter eggs and pastry at Dupont Trouville

In the photo below you see the French lined up this morning at the pastry shop where Kat was waiting to buy her own Easter pastry.


customers lined up outside French pastry shop on Easter morning

Inside the shop, Kat found this array of pastry awaited her. Center of her photo below are a row of my favorite of the French pastries: religieuses, with my second most favorite mille-feuilles on their left.


French pastry in display case

Had Kat wanted to buy a special Easter cake, in the photo below you can see the choices available.

French Easter cakes

Merci to Kat for the photos and comments about Easter in France.