Cookie tin with healthy cookies, container of rolled oats, three prunes in a dish, one healthy cookie and three very ripe bananas

image:Cookie tin with healthy cookies, one small cookie and the ingredients: rolled oats, prunes and ripe bananas. Not shown: the flaxseeds and cinnamon

|| 16 December 2020

Healthy Cookies: Sometimes Things Do Not Work Out

Here it is Wednesday and I am just now writing the “Sunday Nouvelles.” I have good excuses, but I will spare you reading them.

I had planned to write about an easy healthy cookie recipe I tried. And I must say that I was surprised how good these cookies tasted fresh from the oven. But the ones I cooled and put in a cookie tin and tasted the next day just tasted as if I was eating slightly banana-flavored uncooked rolled oats.

The cookies I froze and reheated in the microwave did not taste any better.

In fairness, I must say that this was probably because I did not add enough of the additional ingredients of choice the recipe called for. The recipe creator had added things like cranraisins and chocolate chips and other goodies. Apparently in substantial quantity. I added cinnamon and two chopped prunes for part of the batch.

Even though they might be improved with more of those additional ingredients, I will not be making the recipe again. The Garden of Life (they make probiotics and other supplements) website blog page where I found this healthy cookie recipe would not come up when I went back to the website and tried to find it to give you a link. Google search gave me a link for Healthy Breakfast Cookies on Garden of Life, but that did not work.

That is about the way things are going for me these days. Everything I try seems to dead end. I hope your life is going better. If not, make yourself a cup of tea and feel confident that things are sure to improve. Soon, we hope.

And for this holiday season, as in others, eat moderately and eat healthy.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone