(left) entrance before repainting (right) entrance after

|| 2 March 2017

Enjoying Improvement -page 2

One of the reasons I am slow in showing you photos of the work is that I have not yet learned to edit the colors to display accurately on the screen. In the after photo (above right), the outside arch looks green. Actually, it is the same color as the door. But the afternoon sun is hitting the outer arch and tinting it green. There is a way to correct that. But I have not yet learned it.

The hardwood directly in front of the door has damage. One technique that works here is to stencil the hardwood with designs in black paint to disguise the damage. In the meantime, I found this rush floor mat with a design in the style I might use for stencils. The mat serves another purpose: catching the grit and dirt that might be tracked into the house on the hardwood and carpet. The cats think the mat makes a great scratching object — and helps keep claws away from the upholstery.

Of course, during my many months of work I have been assisted by my supervisor Kiri. As you can see below.


Kiri the cat supervising the work (asleep)

The new carpet is not yet down in dining room. That waits until the electrician hangs the ceiling fan. That work waits arrival of a replacement light fixture for the bathroom so all the electrical work can be done at once. You will have dining room photos later. In the meantime, each day I am enjoying the improvements made thus far.

Enjoy your improvements — even when your job is far from finished.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone