certain age French exercising on beach in September

image: French "of a certain age" exercising on the beach at Deauville September 2021

|| 30 September 2021

Exercise à la française

Our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat took advantage of a lovely September day in Deauville to take a brisk exercise walk on the beach. She sent photos and comments about the French and exercise.

Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat on the beach at Deauville

image: Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat on the beach at Deauville

Kat wrote from Deauville:

It’s September, and Deauville beach is all but deserted. Parisians and other second homer’s have gone home. But walkers like me, joggers, runners and cyclists (with and without children) are still to be seen, making the most of the lovely Autumn sunshine to get some fresh sea air and exercise.

I spotted a group of people “of a certain age” enjoying a brisk workout on the sand. How much nicer than sweating in an overcrowded, noisy gym! If you could locate one. There is a noticeable absence of gyms in France. In Lisieux , our closest large town, one can find Yoga and Pilates classes, but not a single gym! It seems the French prefer gentler forms of exercise, and, weather permitting, to work up a (mild) sweat outdoors. And so do I!

The next day our correspondent Kat emailed these added comments:

Apropos the French and their exercise habits, you may like to include that your Special Correspondent is about to drive to the closest Boulangerie at 6am to purchase the day’s baguette because all roads will be closed to traffic between 7am and 3pm to allow a local triathlon to take place! The French are crazy about cycling, every weekend you see groups of people of all ages out on their bikes. And why not? The countryside is lovely around here, the air is fresh, and they are having fun, as well as keeping fit.

Merci, Kat, for sharing these photos of Deauville beach and your comments on the French and exercise.