orchestra members with instruments perform at the Gare Saint-Lazare wearing jeans and white tee shirts with crowd watching

image: “flashmob” Performance Gare Saint-Lazare by by Orchestre national d'ële-de-France

|| 7 April 2020

“flashmob” Performance Gare Saint-Lazare

When I read the subject line of the email, a French “flashmob” immediately made me think of the storming of the Bastille and the recent yellow jacket protests. But this “flashmob” at the Gare Saint-Lazare was orchestral. And delightful. Merci to Susan in Boulder who sent the link and comments. Susan wrote:

Dear Anne, You may have already seen this “flashmob” performance from Gare Saint-Lazare, but I wanted to send the link just in case. I know you will enjoy it for the music, for the French-ness, for the everyday styles of clothing and for the ubiquitous scarves! What’s not to love?! (Oh how I miss Paris!)

Even though the date on this is January of 2014, I find it ever-current — music being timeless and our need to be uplifted today so very important.

Anne, you have given us all so much over the years; given of yourself, your wisdom gained from your experience. I hope this little gift in return brings you some peace and a smile . . .

In these strange and difficult times I hope that watching the YouTube video of this performance by l'Orchestre national d'ële-de-France at the link Susan sent, will give you also peace and a smile. On YouTube, of course, there are the long series of ads preceding the orchestra video. But after a few seconds, fortunately you can click on Skip Ads link and go straight to the performance video.

“flashmob” Performance Gare Saint-Lazare on YouTube

Reminder About Car Batteries

A reminder that if you do not drive your vehicle during the time of Shelter-in-Place, you still need to start and run the engine for sufficient time to keep your battery charged. How often you do this will depend on your battery's and your vehicle’s requirements. See your user manual. And be sure that you do NOT run your engine in a garage or other enclosed space. Coronavirus is dangerous — but carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal.

be chic, stay slim, stay safe — Anne Barone