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Château de Chenonceau, France. Photo by Gilles Pesenti via Wikimedia

|| 24 January 2019

France Trip Planning Help

Chic & Slim reader Terri is finding both Chic & Slim Toujours and Chic & Slim Toujours 2 useful in preparation for her upcoming trip to France. She wrote:

Dear Anne,

Thanks for your research on French topics. I have been re-reading your Chic and Slim Toujours Forever books and really appreciate all the research that went into writing them.  I retired a few months ago and have been spending a lot of my time reading, studying French and planning a trip to France this summer. 

The information on Brigitte Macron and Diane de Poitiers was especially interesting.  I will be going to the Château Chenonceau, where Diane lived for a time, so I am glad to know a little more about her.  I've also been checking out the movies and books about France that you mentioned, in order to get a better understanding of the history and culture.  

A few fiction books that I have read, which are set in France, really reinforce your ideas about the French attitudes of living a high quality of life no matter what your age. 

If you haven't read the following, I would recommend them:  The Bruno Chief of Police series by Martin Walker and The Little French Bistro and The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.  

I bought the Jennifer Kries' toning and sculpting video after reading about it in your book.  It is really good!  Another one that I would recommend is Carol Argo's Anti-Aging method workout DVD.  I also first learned about the LaRoche Posay skin care products from you, so was excited when Walgreens started carrying them and sent me a coupon!

I wanted to let you know that your books and blog continue to be an inspiration, and "spark joy".  (Marie Kondo is another person I first learned about from one of your posts.) 

Thanks and best wishes! — Terri