|| 16 October 2022

French Cat Alphabet Apron

If you have viewed the Droguerie Legrand Ver. 2 Nouvelles I posted on 9 October, you saw in the slideshow a photo of a French Cat Alphabet Apron in the window of the Droguerie Legrand.

French cat alphabet apron in window of Droguerie Legrand

Image: French cat alphabet apron in window of Droguerie Legrand

Such a delight. As someone who loves cats — and has a long and deep interest in things French, you can imagine how delightful I found the apron. Even more so because our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat had earlier sent me one of these aprons as a gift.

Of course, as messy a cook as I would never subject my cat alphabet apron to wear during actual food preparation. Jamais!

Instead I have made my French Cat Alphabet Apron into an object d’art. You see it below displayed on my dress form in my dining room/library. There it stands between a bookcase and the sideboard.


French cat alphabet apron between bookcase and sideboard


Image: French cat alphabet apron displayed as an object d'art


In the image below you can see I have photographed the apron spread out flat so you can view all the cats. If the device on which you view this Nouvelles can zoom images, to enjoy these charming kitties to the maximum, zoom in on several at a time and learn some French vocabulary. And can you spot the one bird on the apron?

 French cat alphabet apron

image: French cat alphabet apron

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone