French baguette

image: French baguette

|| 14 April 2020

French Flock Back To Bakeries For Comfort

Bread has long held special significance in France — both as sustenance and symbol. Now in the coronavirus lockdown, bread has assumed the role of comfort for a people who have seen their traditional lifestyle upended.

“In a time of crisis the likes of which France and Europe have not seen for generations, consumers [in France] are turning back to bread — a commodity the French depend on less these days than they once did but that serves as a source of immediate comfort in the midst of uncertainty.

The power of bread is particularly emotional now. [In France] Bread still is the conveyor of this extraordinary, important feeling we have that the state cares about us. It’s a reaffirmation of [national] solidarity.”

The article As the coronavirus upends their lives, the French flock back to bakeries for comfort by James McAuley appeared first in the Washington Post. The Post has a strict limit on free articles for non-subscribers. But you can read the article on the Seattle Times site.

French flock back to bakeries for comfort