left: tiramisu. right: apple strudel

Images: on left, tiramisu, photo by Raffaele Diomede of Pordenone,Italy. on right, apple strudel, photo by che. Both images via Wikimedia.

|| 2 June 2022

French Vacation Food

Today an update to the previous Nouvelles titled Chic French Certain Age Holiday Style. This update focuses on food. In addition to the personal style information, our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat provided information about what the older French couple ate to sustain their very active participation in the long hikes and other activities. Kat wrote:

In answer to your question re food: meals were buffet style, fresh juices, water, coffee and herbal tea were offered, together with a choice of main course, salads and vegetables. Dessert was fresh fruit and/or a prepared dessert, e.g. tiramisu or apple strudel. All delicious. The French couple ate everything on offer, but they did not overload their plates, and I noticed that they often didn’t finish the dessert. In other words, when they were full, they stopped eating.

The bar was open all day, with cocktails, beer and wine available. Only the Americans drank alcohol during the day. The French enjoyed the complimentary “welcome “ and “farewell” cocktails, and also a glass or two of wine pre and during dinner.

They were obviously having a great time.

As always, much thanks to Kat for her information and photos.

|| 29 May 2022

Chic French Certain Age Holiday Style


Chic woman in black dress, hat and sunglasses with seals at Galápagos

Image: Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat with friends at Galápagos.

Our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat has been traveling. Even from South America she has sent us information on chic French certain age style.

Kat wrote:

I thought I wouldn’t have anything relevant to French chic to share with you on this trip, but I was wrong.

I mentioned that, among our fellow travellers, are a French couple. At a guess, they are in their 80’s. Mid to late 80’s. They are both tall and very, very thin. He looks frail, she less so, but far from robust.

So far, they have kept pace (with a little assistance from crew members over rough patches) with the rest of us, the majority of whom are 30 years younger. The real test was yesterdays excursion: a couple of miles on foot over rocks and boulders to see an albatross breeding ground. We were shown a picture of the route in advance: did this deter them? Not on your life — they were determined to visit the albatross! And they did. Without accident or incident.

Here is a point where Kat and I differ. Kat, who I must grant has been seeing this French couple every day for two weeks, describes them as “very, very thin.” I — and I suspect the couple’s French doctor — would say that for their age and build they are a healthy weight. We are accustomed to thinking of strength and stamina in terms of bulky muscles. But, especially in Northern Europeans, there is a tall, very slim body build that in advanced years is very robust — as Kat’s description of the couple’s hike to the albatross nesting area testifies.


Older woman wearing red knee length shorts and red top


Image: chic French certain age holiday style

As for Madame’s holiday fashion choices, Kat wrote:

I should mention that Madame has spent time putting together her adventure holiday wardrobe: flame red calf length pants, not quite clashing orange red long sleeved T-shirt, multi coloured ballerina flats. Add modern glasses and a chic blonde/grey bob, and you’ve got the picture. Impressive isn’t the word!


Legs and feet of woman wearing multicolored ballerina flats

Image: multicolored ballerina flats

In a later email, Kat added:

You really have to hand it to that French couple! Not content to collapse and relax after their exertions so far, when last seen they were embarking on a further 7 days exploration of some of the other islands!

Madame wore trainers on all the walks, paired with khaki cargo pants (but not the usual rough stuff, hers ended mid calf in a gathered cuff, tied with a little bow in the same fabric) and a lemon yellow long sleeved loose fitting T-shirt.

Naturally I asked Kat about what they couple ate. Information I will share in a later Nouvelles.

As always, much thanks to Kat for her photos and information.