ready meals available in Pont l'Eveque market

image: homemade duck thighs in cider and seafood paella available in Pont-l'Evêque market

|| 14 October 2021

French Ready Meals / Fast Food

True, France has been invaded by American fast food chains. But there is another sort of "ready meals," —what in the USA we call fast food — available in France. This report from our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat during her recent visit to France with which she included the photo above. Kat wrote:

Apropos my comments on high street v supermarket shopping, this was on offer at Pont-l'Evêque market, in the main square, this morning. All freshly made, “fait maison” and looked and smelt wonderful.

Those ready meal offerings do look delicious. When I zoomed in on the duck thighs, it appeared that the dish included potatoes and mushrooms. And I could see mussels and other shellfish in the paella. What an alternative to a burger and fries.

Merci, Kat, for sharing the ready meals you found while shopping in France.