French cheese shop with inset of seasonal postcard saying Vive Spring in French

image: French cheese shop La Fromagerie d’Annabelle with inset of the shop's spring seasonal postcard

|| 17 September 2020

La Fromagerie d’Annabelle

With the previous Nouvelles I used a photo of a favorite French cheese shop of our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat. Following that Nouvelles, Kat sent along more information about the cheese shop. Kat wrote:

I see you have used a photo I took of our local cheese shop, and I thought you might like to know more about it.

It is called La Fromagerie d’Annabelle, and opened a few years ago in Pont l’ Eveque. It is run by Annabelle and her colleagues and, as the photo shows, has a vast array of cheeses, not all of them French, but my absolute favourite is a truffled Brillat Savarin! They also have artisan butter and unpasteurised milk (of course the cheeses are made with lait cru [raw milk], or sometimes sheep or goats milk.)

The shop delivers cheese boards to offices and homes for meetings and parties in a cute little van with a cute little cow logo — to match their seasonal postcard. Needless to say, the shop remains open, Covid or no Covid!

Every summer I am stopped in the street by visiting Parisians asking “Ou est la fromagerie d’Annabelle?” In France, you do not embark on your annual vacation before checking out the local produce available at your destination!

Merci to Kat, for the additional information on La Fromagerie d’Annabelle.