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|| 8 April 2018

Leg Massage

One reason chic French women maintain such spectacular legs far into certain age is regular leg massage. In the new Toujours 2 book, I describe several French leg self-massage techniques.One technique I describe is from an article in the French TopSanté.

This leg massage is done seated—on a bed, the sofa, the floor, even the bathtub when all the water has been drained out. You will need to assemble your lotion or gel for your legs, a towel to protect the bedding or carpet from accidental spills of lotion, and some method of timing your massage such as your smartphone or kitchen timer. Or just a clock. Since you will want to elevate your legs immediately after the massage, you may want to have a cushion handy for your back or feet. You should plan on about 2 to 3 minutes for each leg.

Seated on the bed or sofa or whatever place you have chosen, bend your legs so they form an inverted V and place your feet flat. Put a small amount of lotion or gel in your palm and apply it to your legs from the ankle to your thighs. Then start your timer and, beginning at the ankle, do a gentle massage to the knee. Go back to the ankle and massage again to the knee.

Remember you must always massage toward the heart. When you have completed the massage for the time you have chosen, repeat the process with the other leg. This massage can be done with your own or a commercial leg product.

For my legs massages, I have been using the leg massage lotion whose recipe I give in the new book. I think it is improving the appearance of numerous broken veins. But Kiri, my calico cat, definitely does not like the strong lemony-cedar scent of my DIY lotion. I will admit that by the time that lotion which is based on essential oils in a carrier oil base is massaged into both legs, the aroma is noticeable.

Scent is something to consider in a massage lotion, especially if you plan to do a leg massage immediately before going out.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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