Cheeses and chacuterie available at Murray's Cheese in New York

images: (left) Murray’s award-winning Stockinghall Cheddar (center) Murray’s French Connection Collection (right) Roquefort from the caves of Combalou in southern France. Images courtesy Murray’s Cheese.

|| 20 September 2020

Murray’s Cheese

Last week, after I wrote about my online cheese shopping, one of our Chic & Slim readers wrote to let me know about a wonderful source of cheeses here in the USA. Betty wrote:

Anne, I've been following you and reading your books since the first one and I still do! Just wanted to let you know about Murray's Cheese — one of the oldest cheese purveyors in NY. They also have special Murray's shops in select Kroger's stores.

My son has worked for Murray’s Cheese for quite a few years. Murray’s curates a large selection of cheeses from all over the globe. They even age some of their own cheeses (we've visited the caves to see the process), and create many of their own cheeses, The company’s Cavemaster Original Stockinghall Cheddar won “Best of Show” among 1,742 entries at the American Cheese Society 2019 Judging & Competition.

In 2018 my son was inducted into an international cheese society La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. We have had several cheese and charcuterie (another speciality of my son who also makes his own) parties curated by my son and seen people almost swooning with pleasure.

So if it's great cheese from France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, England and the U.S. you are seeking, try Murray's!  Couldn't resist sharing!

Bon appétit! Betty

Merci to Betty for sending this information about this great cheese source here in the USA. And congratulations to Betty’s son Walshe on his induction into La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers.

You can read about La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers.

Check out Murray’s Cheese website at this link.

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