Collage of  Martine de Richeville's Remodelage Paris

image: Collage of Martine de Richeville's Remodelage Paris

|| 16 July 2017

The New Body Sculptors

Massage away fat, reshape the body. Today more on that topic.

In response to Thursday’s Nouvelles about Remodelage, the French massage that works to eliminate fat and reshape the body, Jane in Dallas sent a link to a Harper’s Bazaar article The New Body Sculptors with more information about body reshaping through massage. Jane wrote:

Oh Anne, what a blessing you are! Always providing us with the best info. and latest slim and chic strategies. I myself am a great believer in health benefits of massage, but never thought of it as a way to stay slimmer.

Apparently, remodelage is on everyone's To Do list now. Of course, I am late to the party, but am definitely interested. This Harper's article refers to a home machine that can help restore the body. Full disclosure: I am not connected to this product nor know anything about it. I just googled the topic and the article popped up. I would be very interested if your readers know anything about it.

Thank you again. So glad you are well and back to sharing. All the best, Jane

The Harper's article begins:

When it comes to losing inches, top models and fashion A-listers have a new secret weapon — and it has nothing to do with exercise, liposuction, or starvation diets. They’re all clamoring for appointments with the latest gurus of svelte, a.k.a. body sculptors, who use (very, very) deep massage to whittle waists, de-lump derrieres, and tone triceps.

The secret? It’s all about your fascia, the connective tissue that forms a netting throughout your body to support and protect muscles and organs.

The New Body Sculptors article in Harper's Bazaar

A link in this Harper’s article takes you to the website of Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster, the gadget that those do not wish to pay the high fees of one of the body sculptor masseuses — or do not live in an area where such services are available, might use to help reshape their bodies. A well-designed website. Interesting reading.

FasciaBlaster website

Massage to eliminate fat is not new. Some of you might remember the French massage therapist Nicole Ronsard’s bestselling 1973 book Cellulite. (English edition published by Beauty & Health Publishing Corp.) Chapter 10 in this book is titled Massage—The Extra Something That Makes It Happen. (“It” being the elimination of those unsightly lumps, bumps and bulges of fat on your body.) Chapter 10 provides 25 pages of instructions plus illustrations of how-to self-massage to eliminate fat.

Merci, Jane, for the Harper's link. And if any of you have experience with any of the new body sculpting massage or have used the FasciaBlaster, we would love to know your experience.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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