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|| 20 August 2017

Online Sewing Communities

Places To See Women Of All Ages & Sizes Wearing Clothing They Have Sewn

These days many of us shop for clothes from catalogs or online. Timesaving, yes. Wider selection, yes. Seeing how this style looks on us before we buy, NO. Magazines and online style sites often aren’t much help. The women featured wearing the outfits often are not our body shape. Today links for a couple of sites where you can see styles that might be more your size.

In a previous Nouvelles Jill in San Francisco sent the link for the Vogue McCall’s sewing pattern website. She also sent links to two other sites — one for larger size women. (Merci encore, Jill) Even if you don’t sew, these sites are useful because, in the photos that the members of these online sewing communities post of themselves, you can see how different styles, colors and designs look on women who are not the emaciated giraffes the fashion magazines feature. (Okay, emaciated giraffes is a bit tacky, but it annoys me that fashions are not shown on women who are not all exceptionally tall and thin.)

Jill in San Francisco wrote:

A website called "Curvy Sewing Collective" for large-sized women is also available with fabulous creations on women with larger bodies. While the website appears to be geared more to younger women, any ages can take motivation, inspiration, and tips from the clothing options. You and your readers can also check out the website Pattern Review for real life women with real life bodies making flattering clothes that fit.

Curvy Sewing Collective

The Curvy Sewing Collective is a Plus Size Sewing Community. August is Pattern Hacking Month at the Curvy Sewing Collesctive. Hacking, as far as I can decipher, the mot du jour for modifying a sewing pattern to your specific design. An interesting group of editors for this sewing collective. One, I note, is a writer and health specialist in Texas, another a Brit in Boston, and yet another an American environmental lawyer living in Bangkok.

Sewing Pattern Review

Sewing Pattern Review is an Online Sewing Community of women of all ages and sizes. In the navigation bar choose Pattern Review Gallery to see photos that women post of themselves wearing the fashions they have created. Lots of dresses in many different sizes here. I even saw a pair of men's boxer shorts and a set of fleece angel wings.

Curvy Sewing Collective

Sewing Pattern Review

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image: collage of logos and images from Curvy Sewing Collesctive and Sewing Pattern Review.

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