|| 19 September 2021

The Perfect Length for Chic

One of the first lessons for French chic I learned was the importance of wearing clothes that were the best length to make you look slim and attractive. I was assured that chic French women would change the length as little as 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) to achieve what they deemed the perfect length for their personal style.

One thing I noticed as I was writing and editing the photos for the Chic Parisiennes Nouvelles a few weeks ago was that all four women in the photos that our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat had sent were wearing pants that were the proper length for them. When I zoomed in for closer examination I found that these four women had achieved their “perfect length” for their pants (3 jeans and 1 leggings) by four different techniques.

2 matched cuffs on beige jeans

In the photo above you can see that Chic Parisienne #1 has achieved her perfect length by turning up the jeans legs in two perfectly matched cuffs.


leggings with excess length turned under

It was a little more difficult to spot how the Chic Parisienne #2 wearing leggings achieved her length. But if you look carefully at the bottom 4 inches (10 cm) of the legs you can notice a slight bulge. She has simply turned under the excess length.


denim jeans perfect length

Chic Parisienne #3 has obviously been able to buy a brand of jeans in a size that fits her perfectly and requires no adjustment to achieve her perfect length.


jeans shortened by cutting off excess length

The method used by Chic Parisienne #4 could be labeled “in a hurry with scissors.” She has simply cut off the excess length rather than bother with hemming or cuffs or any other method. If you look closely at her ankles you can see from the fringing that she obviously made this adjustment several launderings ago.

Notable, I think, that none of these four achieved their perfect length by re-hemming the pants.

Again, merci Kat, for sending the photos of these Chic Parisiennes.