protective latex gloves, tube of hand cream, and white cotton gloves

image: protective latex gloves, tube of hand cream, and white cotton gloves Anne's mother wore over hand cream when sleeping

|| 11 April 2020

Protecting Hands From Washing & Sanitizing

Hand washing. After these weeks of prescribed frequent and vigorous hand washing, one does begin to feel a bit Lady Macbeth. "Out, damned spot!" replaced by "Out, damned virus!”

But if you are not careful, this frequent and vigorous hand washing can take a toll on your hands. Alcohol-based sanitizer can do its own damage.

So a tip on hand preservation and beautification in this time of frequent washing and sanitizing from our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat. She recommends the following:

Many of us wear protective gloves when doing household and gardening chores. Rubber for household chores and nitrile or heavy fabric for the garden. You can moisturize your hands as you work if you cream your hands well and then wear a pair of cotton gloves beneath your rubber, nitrile or heavy fabric gloves. The cotton gloves will help the cream penetrate into your skin and keep your hands from sticking to the outer protective gloves. It is a good idea to launder the cotton gloves after each wearing session.

Merci to Kat for the hand beautification tip.

Reminder About Car Batteries

A reminder that if you do not drive your vehicle during the time of Shelter-in-Place, you still need to start and run the engine for sufficient time to keep your battery charged. How often you do this will depend on your battery's and your vehicle’s requirements. See your user manual. And be sure that you do NOT run your engine in a garage or other enclosed space. Coronavirus is dangerous — but carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal.

be chic, stay slim, stay safe — Anne Barone