(left) serving raclette with Leelanau raclette cheese (right) making raclette at Leelanau Cheese in Michigan

image:(left) serving raclette with Leelanau raclette cheese (right) making raclette at Leelanau Cheese in Michigan.

|| 22 March 2021

Raclette Cheese Update: Leelanau Cheese in Michigan

Good news! An artisan cheesemaker in Michigan makes raclette cheese.

In addition to their store in Suttons Bay, Michigan, Leelanau Cheese has a website from which they fill orders for their raclette and fromage blanc cheeses, raclette machines and other useful items for enjoying raclette.

Merci to Chrissy in Tampa (formerly of Michigan) who emailed to alert me about Leelanau Cheese.

Note: Leelanau Cheese is currently closed. but will reopen on 4 April 2021. In the meantime, you can visit the cheesemaker’s website and learn about their cheesemaking and see a slideshow of photos of their store, products and cheesemaking.

Leelanau Cheese in Michigan website

|| 18 March 2021

Cheese And Raclette Machine Sales Up In French Lockdown

When the pandemic necessitated a lockdown in France, the government asked French citizens to eat cheese as a sign of patriotism — and to support dairy farmers and cheese makers. The result was soaring cheese sales — with the surprising most increase in sales of Italian mozzarella — and an increase in sales of raclette machines.

I received a lovely Swiss fondue set as a wedding gift and made and served fondue in it for years. But I must confess I have never eaten raclette, a mostly winter speciality cheese melted and eaten with charcuterie and boiled potatoes.

You can read about what cheeses the French chose for comfort in the lockdown in a Guardian article.

More about raclette on Wikipedia. Note in this article that raclette is often served with cups of hot black tea.

If you are inspired to make raclette yourself, the Cook The Story website has a recipe on how to make the dish even when you do not have a raclette machine.

Raclette sounds especially good for supper on a chilly evening.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone