image: Remodelage Paris via Martine de Richeville's website

|| 13 July 2017

Massage Away Fat

French women have long used massage as a staying-slim technique. Carol Ann in North Carolina recently sent a link to an article about a type of massage popular with chic French women. Carol Ann wrote:

I follow the UK's Tatler magazine, and below I've shared a link to an amusing and interesting article. In your books you have often mentioned the emphasis on massage in the French culture, so this article made me think of you. Some of the other ideas may be variations on other advice your books have offered.

Merci, Carol Ann, for sending the link. The article is definitely one of interest for Chic & Slim.

Since the writer of this article Gavanndra Hodge is describing her personal experience with the Remodelage massage, it will enhance understanding of where she began (bodywise) if you see photos of Gavanndra Hodge.

You can see a 2012 photo of Gavanndra Hodge with this Standard article

A more recent photo of Gavanndra Hodge is one accompanying this Daily Mail article about Tatler magazine.

Tatler article about Remodelage

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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