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Note on image: Since an email from a Chic & Slim reader in Germany inspired this Nouvelles, I thought it appropriate to put my one-cup German tee pott in the photo. The bookmark with the Eiffel Tower charm on one end and "oui" on the other is gift from one of the Chic & Slim readers. Whenever I have a difficult project, I place the bookmark on my desk as a reminder that if I lost 55 pounds and have kept the fat off for 49 years I can succeed in whatever the current task. The Paris-themed notepad is also a gift from a reader.

13 January 2019

Re-reading Chic & Slim for Weight Loss

Recently I received an email from Susann in Germany:

Dear Anne,

I love your books, but lost a bit track the last months and gained some weight. That’s why I will start to read your books again tomorrow.

Could you please tell me in which order they were published? I would like to read them chronologically. — Susann in Germany

Re-reading the books in chronological order is also an excellent idea. Through the years I have received reports from readers who found re-reading the books enabled them to take off returned weight. Sometimes they had gotten off the Chic & Slim system while taking care of an ill family member — or going through a period of work-related stress — or being unable to exercise while recovering from an illness — or simply enjoying a bit too much good food too often.

Chronological order is a good idea because, with the original Chic & Slim as a foundation, the writing of each subsequent book was guided by questions and concerns of those who were using the Chic & Slim advice and techniques. Also, though the 20 years of Chic & Slim, new information about weight control has become available. I tried to include any of that information I thought was helpfu as it became available.

The order in which the Chic & Slim books were written were:

1. Original

2. Encore

3. Techniques

4. Armoire

5. Connoisseur

6. Toujours

7. Toujours 2

If you want to reread all or any of the Chic & Slim books but no longer have copies — or if you only have print and now would prefer to read the books on a digital device — you can find links to the vendors of the digital and print versions on the Chic & Slim books page.

Bonne chance !

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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