Anne's cat Kiri who is missing. And who needs positive thoughts and prayers.

image: Kiri in her favorite chair.

|| 23 August 2018

Sad News About Kiri

This is difficult for me to write. But there is no hope that my little cat Kiri is still alive. From all the evidence, we are sure she was taken by coyotes on Friday night.

I am angry at my neighbors in the next block west. We had never previously had coyotes in this part of town in the eight years I have lived here. (We are in the center of a city of 100,000.) They failed to pass the warning that coyotes had killed four cats in the past several weeks on that block alone. I would certainly never have allowed Sam and Kiri to remain outside at night had I had the slightest suspicion of any danger.

Before I finally learned of the coyotes on Monday night, I tried several techniques for finding lost cats given me by my local Animal Control. And a Canadian Chic & Slim reader sent an excellent tip.

I will share these tips in coming days in case your cats should a some point vanish. But at this point it is difficult to write anything. I need motion, not thought. I am dealing with my grief with a marathon of garden and house work. And I am trying to be supportive of my surviving cat Sam who is traumatized by Kiri’s terrible demise. He also has a wound on his head where he scraped it in his frantic escape through the pet portal into the garage.

As you all know from dealing with your own losses, it takes time to heal. For some losses longer than others.

Kiri had become an important part of my life beginning when I rescued her as a half-grown kitten in the cold of January four and a half years ago. My sadness over Kiri’s death is impossible for me to describe. — Anne

|| 13 August 2018

Living Dangerously at Provence-sur-la-Prairie

Previously I had announced an absence from Nouvelles for August. But I had to make a brief reappearance and tell you about the two bizarre (and dangerous) incidents that recently occurred here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie. More.

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