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|| 25 July 2019

Summer Heat and Sales

Galleries Lafayette ceiling

No doubt you have been reading and hearing about the record heat in Europe this summer. Not many days when the daytime high in Paris is higher than the daytime high here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie. But yesterday was one of those days.

But the heat in Paris did not deter our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat. She was there at the summer sales at the Galleries Lafayette and sent back the photo above. (Merci, Kat)

Reading the reports of how the heat was affecting French life, at first it seemed surprising that anyone would brave the Paris heat for a sale. Then I remembered that here in Texas absolutely no one would think it unusual to attend the sales at Neiman Marcus Dallas on a day when the temperature was equally high.

One of the benefits of buying good quality clothing offered at high end stores is the comfort of their design and fit. Sometimes it is worth some short-term discomfort to buy that good quality at a good price. Sometimes. But be cautious of your health. In Paris — or anywhere having extreme heat these days.

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