Thompson's Titanic Tea

image: Thompson's Titanic Tea

|| 30 March 2023

Titanic Tea

When I first saw the package of Thompson’s Titanic Tea, I immediately clicked the Buy button. I did not care whether the tea in the package was drinkable or not. I was buying the package for its design.

I love anything Art Deco, and this tea that the Belfast, Northern Ireland-based Thompson’s Family Teas had blended to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic was reminiscent of those wonderful travel and advertising posters of the Art Deco era.

Titanic Tea package back

image: back side of Thompson's Titanic Tea

Thompson’s website and the website of the vendor from which I order my Titanic Tea only show the front of the package. Equally well designed are the other three sides.

Titanic Tea package side

image: side of Titanic Tea package

The big surprise for me was how much I liked the taste of Titanic Tea. It has become one of my favorite breakfast teas. Though it does not give me as strong a wake-up punch on a chilly wet morning as Miles West Country does, Titanic Tea is nevertheless a very tasty tea that is smooth and flavorful — with or without milk.

Titanic Tea package side

image: side of Titanic Tea package

Too often these days, the design of a package far exceeds the quality of the product inside. But in the case of Titanic Tea, the tea is as delightful as the package.

Another Thompson’s tea I have been enjoying is their Punjana. To me, Punjana seems to have a slightly spicy taste that at first I did not care for — but now I like very much. And I have purchased, but not yet tried, Thompson’s Signature Blend.

Ah, so many lovely teas to try and enjoy!.

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