gerbera daisy twin blossoms in full bloom

image: Anne's co-joined gerbera daisy blossoms in full bloom on 31 May 2020

|| 31 May 2020 update

Weight Control & Weed Control

After I posted the Nouvelles about Weight Control & Weed Control, Ann Leslie in New York sent me this information about weeds and the Shakers, a religious group known for their simple living and their ecstatic behavior during worship services. She wrote:

Today's Nouvelles reminded me of when I worked in my garden and would think about a Shaker text I'd read about weeds. I did a Google search and found a reference to it:

"The Shakers compared the cultivation of a garden to the cultivation of the mind, so it is no surprise that they considered weeding a metaphor for spiritual cleansing—removing weeds was like removing impure thoughts; cleanliness was next to godliness. Today mulch is a good weed controller. The Shakers used mulch only as winter protection and considered it unpure refuse placed upon pure, bare soil."

I was amused, but not surprised, by the approach to mulch. The Shakers were chic in their own elegant way and constant back-breaking work and dancing kept them slim.

Ann Leslie added that the quote about the Shakers and weeds came from the growise website, the first reference Google turned up when she went looking for the the Shaker text she remembered.

In any case, dancing sounds like a much more fun way to stay slim than pulling weeds. The back-breaking work not so much. Merci, Ann Leslie, for the additional information.

|| 29 May 2020

Weight Control & Weed Control

This is the time of year in my part of the country where if you do not wage a good battle against weeds, you have missed your opportunity. The weeds will have won. Your garden will suffer all growing season.

As I have recently spent many hours clipping and pulling and sometimes having to dig up weeds, it has become evident there is a strong parallel between weed control and weight control.

Just as if you wait until the weeds are badly infested, it will take more time and effort to get them out, likewise, if you let too many excess pounds settle on your body, it will take longer and more effort to lose that extra unwanted fat.

If you have either a weed problem, or a weight problem, start now to do something about it. Your job will be much EASIER.

This reminder was prompted by observing two of my neighbors, one teenage and one certain age, who in the past few months of Covid-19 stay-home orders have put on a noticeable amount of weight. They need to start now to take it off, or I fear it will remain there permanently.

image: Anne's co-joined gerbera daisy blossoms 26 May 2020 in the evening. Four and a half days before the full bloom photo shown at top of page


Co-joined gerbera daisy blooms evening 4 days before full bloom

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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