Anne's living room after repainting

|| 2 March 2017

Enjoying Improvement

For French women, their personal style is never finished. Personal style is a long and pleasant journey that begins young and continues a lifetime. Along the way satisfactions come from small improvements, from adding — and from discarding and revising — when the previous no longer suits present needs and tastes.

My house renovation project will never be completely finished. That's okay. I am enjoying the improvements I have made thus far. In the photo above you see my living room as it looked on Valentine’s. The photo was a test shot, but I like my tulips (now wilted and planted in the garden) on the table so much that I decided to use this photo.

Below you see the that corner of the room before I repainted the walls and woodwork and removed the old, stained carpet.


Anne's living room before repainting and carept removal.


Later, as the tutorials I have been studying improve my photography and image editing abilities, I will be able to give you better photos of my completed work. Much remains to be done in this room. More work on the hardwood floors, on grouting around the fireplace tile, arrangement refinements. But for the moment I am happy to have my books and decorator items out of the boxes in which they sat many months and to have plastic off the furniture.

On the following page you can see before and after of the entrance.

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