(left) card with bird on typewriter and word bonjour (center) postcard from Paris (right) antique French letter box

(left) card from reader Susan (center) postcard from Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat (right) antique French postal box Bouchon French restaurant, Asheville NC

4 May 2018

Each Chic & Slim Book A Special Treat

Bonjour Anne, Each of your books has been a special treat for me. To me, they have been a manual for how to live, so being included in one really brings a smile!

We are in the process of moving. I will say, maintaining a French state of mind has really helped me make this transition with aplomb and grace. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, humor and kindness.

All the best always, Jane

16 April 2018

So Much New in Chic & Slim Toujours 2

Hi Anne, I started reading the new book yesterday. Love it. Everything you write about is so interesting. There is so much in there I have never heard of. You put a lot of time into researching the material in the book. — Karen

2 April 2018

Importance of Clothing Choices

Hi, Anne, Just a quick note...I enjoy reading your Nouvelles and something struck me in the final paragraph of The NY Times obituary of Stéphane Audran.

Her description of how she begins to find a character was considered “unusual”. She is quoted to have said that a role “starts with the clothes...if you notice, the way you wear your clothes is the way you are”.

Yes, of course I thought. I immediately pictured your Chic and Slim philosophy. The way we wear our clothes reveal us in many ways. The right quality clothes for your body and lifestyle, fitted perfectly, pressed and clean. Perfect posture, well groomed, articulate, being interested and interesting. Diet and exercise. All those and more contribute to our ability to be Chic and Slim, how we feel and how we are seen, and even the quality of our “role” in life. When I was too “busy” not to exercise, or staying at home wearing elastic band pants and loose tops, I “grew” right in to them, etc. Your books are of great value and I look forward to your new release. Your hard work is appreciated by so many of us.

Thanks for helping us be Chic and Slim. Happy Spring.

Best regards, Susan in Fort Lauderdale

12 April 2018

Thank you for all you do for "chicness"!

Bonjour Anne, I'm excited to say I just ordered your latest book (print from Amazon). Thank you for all you do for "chicness"! I was at the doctor recently and after going on about my 22 lb. weight loss over a year ago I mentioned that I "probably should aim to lose 10 or 20 more".

"Yes you should" said she. Indeed.

So I shall pull out your other books and refresh myself while waiting on the new. Truth be told, of course, I know how to do this. It's the doing of it that can be challenging so I appreciate your books and blog insights for the continued motivation. My father will be 95 years young this year, so I also love to observe through your writing a "woman aging well." He has sworn by exercise and moderation (in moderation), which rings familiar in your work. — Carol in Maryland

13 February 2018

From a long-time reader and fan

Looking forward to the release of your new book. I went back to your first book in the spring and lost 30 pounds after my weight crept up again. I had borderline diabetes which is now completely gone. I am delighted to be able to still eat bread. And I love tea as you do.

Best wishes for a good growing season down there at your Texas Provence! — Donna

5 January 2018

Keep on posting! I usually learn something new and am inspired

Dear Anne, I am glad you have been posting on your website again. I especially enjoyed reading your thoughts on tea, survival, and analysis and planning.

I'm also trying to watch the amount of caffeine I consume and liked the idea of adding lemon or lime to hot water. An herbal tisane I discovered this year is Stash tea's Christmas in Paris blend. It is a blend of cocoa shells, peppermint, lavender, chocolate flavor and vanilla extract that is very good. I tried a sample from our local health food store, but they didn't stock it so I ended up buying more of it online.

It has been a trying year, and very worrisome at times, so I appreciate the helpful reminders to let go of what we can't change. I read Ron Chernow's book on Alexander Hamilton and was somewhat comforted to learn that in many ways politics at the time our country was founded were not that much different from today and our nation survived!

I'm looking forward to your updated book. Keep on posting! I usually learn something new and am inspired.

Happy new year! — Terri


 2 Pont L'Évêque post cards sent by our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat. (left) Droguerie M. Legrand depuis 1920 (right) various scenes from the town

images: 2 Pont L'Évêque post cards sent by our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat. (left) Droguerie M. Legrand depuis 1920 (right) various scenes from the town. Lower right shows shopping district.

22 March 2018

Postcards from Pont L'Évêque, France

Note: Droguerie M. Legrand post card was enclosed with samples of Charlotte Tilbury creams. Read about my tests of these samples.

Dear Anne, Congratulations on finishing the book — here is a little something for you to wear at your computer — guaranteed to leave you looking lovely at the end of each session. I take your point on French women not being paranoid about aging, but they are crazy about expensive creams! The Rene Guinot salon in Pont L'Évêque (pop. 5000) has been going for 20+ years! — Kat

About the Droguerie M. Legrand Kat wrote: "Wonderful treasure trove. When you buy painting supplies here, as I did, they wish you "bon courage" and wink."

C'est épatant. It's splendid, sensational, excellent

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