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Looking through pokeberry bushes to bird bath and privet hedge.

|| 25 October 2018 (updated)

Here is another reminder that some cleaning products can be damaging to the body. Sometimes, as in my case, I remained unaware, even though I was applying the spray myself. (see below) In our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat’s case, she was not initially aware someone else was applying a cleaning product that was harmful to her. Kat wrote:

Your nail problem reminded me of a skin problem I had whilst still working in the City. All of a sudden I developed a horrible rash down the left side of my face and neck. I have had pretty good skin all my life, so this was grim. I had to wear a scarf to hide it. Did all the usual things, leaving off makeup (now that was really grim), eliminating nail polish, trying special soothing creams. Nothing worked.

One morning I arrived early at the office, and found the cleaners still at it. Cleaning my phone. With a spray cleaner. I held the phone in my left hand, against the left side of my face and neck. The mystery of the problem solved!

If you have unexplained rashes or other allergic reactions, check to see if one of the cleaning products you are using is causing the problem.

|| 18 Octoberl 2018

Solving The Mystery Of The Perpetually Damaged Fingernail

About two years ago I began having a problem with the fingernail on the middle finger of my left hand. Just that one fingernail. (Though sometimes the nail on the ring finger too.) All the other fingernails were fine — as were all my toenails. Mystery.

I am religious about wearing protective gloves for gardening, dishwashing, cleaning, painting — anything that might bring my hands in contact with chemicals and/or water. (Or so I thought.)

My first idea was the fingernail damage might be caused by pressure from my snug-fitting gardening glove. I inserted a rubber sheath into the end of the finger of the glove. Did not help.

Finally, one day when I was cleaning my eyeglasses, I noticed that the way I held the eyeglasses in my left hand, some of the lens cleaner spray hit the fingernail of the middle finger of my left hand — and to a lesser extent the ring finger.

I began wearing protective gloves when I cleaned the lenses of my eyeglasses. It took several weeks for all the damaged nail to grow out. But now all my fingernails are in equally good condition. I am so glad.

image above: like many places in the USA, autumn color 2018 is late in coming to Provence-sur-la-Prairie. Looking from Anne's back patio through the pokeberry bushes to the old bird bath.

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